Indian Cinema and Sarees

"India, a tapestry of rich traditions and vibrant culture, stands as a saree hub where elegance is woven into every thread. In this diverse landscape, where cinema serves as a compelling attraction hub, sarees take center stage, adorning the leading ladies with grace and style. Amidst the myriad of exquisite sarees, some steal the spotlight, leaving an indelible mark on both the silver screen and the fashion landscape. Join us on a journey through the testimonial sarees that have graced iconic moments, capturing hearts and stealing the show. These sarees are not just fabrics; they are stories, cultural symbols, and timeless expressions of beauty that transcend the realms of cinema and fashion."

Sridevi in the Beautiful Blue Saree from Mr. India
Undoubtedly, Sridevi stands as one of the legendary actresses in the history of the Indian Film Industry. Beyond being the quintessential actress of her era, she seamlessly transitioned through roles, contributing to contemporary commercial successes like English Vinglish. While her most recent role may be noteworthy, it's her unforgettable appearance in the blockbuster Mr. India that remains etched in memory.
In the iconic 'Kaate Nahi Kat Te' song, Sridevi dazzled the screen in a stunning blue chiffon saree. The sensuous sequence not only set hearts racing but also solidified its place as a truly iconic fashion moment. The saree itself, with its minimalistic and understated design, disrupted the flashy fashion trends of the eighties. The elegant monochromatic blue not only accentuated the natural beauty of the actress but also inspired millions who swiftly adopted the look.
Rekha in Silsila


Rekha, a timeless beauty, has been captivating hearts for over five decades in the industry. Throughout her illustrious career, she has consistently redefined fashion in India, earning her status as a perpetual style icon. Her iconic saree-clad appearance in Silsila remains etched in memory.

In the film, Rekha graced the screen in a series of silky, flowing chiffon sarees, showcasing her diverse fashion sense. However, it is her striking red saree that stands out and has become synonymous with her bold and iconic style. This daring look during its time inspired women across the country to embrace sleeveless blouses, accentuating the body with a form-fitting drape, a departure from the traditional loose and generic styles.

In an era when the Indian elite was embracing modern Western fashion trends, Rekha played a pivotal role in popularizing the high-society saree-clad look. Films like Silsila showcased her ability to make the saree a bold fashion statement, breaking away from its perception as a modest garment for the masses. Through her influential on-screen appearances, Rekha contributed significantly to elevating the saree's status as a symbol of fashion sophistication.

 Priyanka Chopra in Dostana

Priyanka Chopra has emerged as a global ambassador for Indian fashion and representation on the world stage. Before making her mark in Western entertainment, she initiated efforts to bring Indian culture back into mainstream consciousness. One defining moment was her unforgettable off-white saree from Dostana, which not only reintroduced the saree as a powerful fashion statement in Bollywood but also set the stage for her international representation of India.

In her role as the quintessential 'Desi Girl,' Priyanka earned this title by making the saree undeniably sexy. Wearing a champagne-hued six-yard wonder at a Miami nightclub, she paired it with a bikini blouse, scorching the screens and bringing back a sense of minimalism to on-screen saree representations. This bold move countered a period where ultra-elaborate outfits had become the norm, showcasing Priyanka Chopra's influence in merging tradition with modernity.

From her impactful forays in Western music, TV shows, and movies to her early contributions to reshaping perceptions of Indian fashion in Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra continues to be a trailblazer in projecting India's cultural richness globally.

Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:

Priyanka Chopra's trailblazing influence paved the way for a new generation of Indian actresses to confidently embrace the saree on screen. Among them, Deepika Padukone emerged prominently, showcasing a memorable saree-clad avatar in the 'Badtameez Dil' song sequence from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. The film's massive commercial success marked a significant transformation for Deepika, evolving from a nerdy and reserved character to a glamorous diva.

A defining moment in this evolution was when Deepika adorned a dark blue georgette saree in the song. The saree, low draped and paired with a bold low-cut black blouse, became a visual spectacle. The black sequins on the blouse and the shimmering gold ones on the sleek border bedazzled audiences across India. This super glam avatar redefined the perception of sarees, making them a trendy and fashionable choice for chic parties rather than being limited to traditional or festive gatherings.

Sonam Kapoor in Raanjhana:

Sonam Kapoor, renowned for her avant-garde fashion choices, has been a trendsetter in showcasing the contemporary allure of Tussar silk sarees. Whether gracing the red carpet or portraying characters in movies like "Raanjhanaa," Sonam seamlessly integrates Tussar silk sarees into her wardrobe, redefining them as symbols of modern elegance. Her distinctive style continues to influence and celebrate the timeless charm of these traditional fabrics in the contemporary fashion landscape.

Keerthy Suresh in Nadigayar Thilagam:
Keerthy Suresh made a significant style statement with silk sarees in the movie "Nadigayar Thilagam," sparking a trend that resonated with many. Her elegant portrayal of the Kanchipuram silk sarees, especially in the Savitri style, captivated audiences and inspired a wave of enthusiasts to follow suit. Keerthy's embrace of this traditional attire showcased not only the timeless beauty of silk sarees but also their adaptability to contemporary fashion trends.

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