Mauve Tussar Unstitched Chudidhar Material - E1009

வழக்கமான விலைMRP Rs. 2,490.00 (inclusive of all taxes)

  • Made in India
  • Cash On Delivery within India
  • உலகளாவிய கப்பல் போக்குவரத்து
  • Light-Weight
  • கையிருப்பில் உள்ளது, அனுப்ப தயாராக உள்ளது
  • வழியில் சரக்கு

Elevate Your Fabric Care with JP Silks:

This sophisticated outfit boasts a mauve Tussar top adorned with self-design and horizontal thread dots, paired seamlessly with a plain gold bottom, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and simplicity. The ensemble is completed with a matching mauve Tussar shawl, adding an extra layer of grace and style. Transitioning seamlessly to a chic look, the ensemble features a self-designed mauve Tussar top with horizontal thread dots, paired with a plain gold bottom for a perfect balance of classic and contemporary. The vertical floral design with thread dots on the dupatta adds a captivating touch, making this ensemble versatile for a range of occasions, from casual to elegant affairs.
*Packed and Distributed by Jp SIlks
  • Color: Mauve
  • Fabric: Tussar
  • Top: Tussar
  • Bottom: Mixed Cotton
  • Dupatta: Tussar

Tussar, also known as Tussar Silk, is a type of silk fabric derived from the silk-producing larvae of several species of silk-producing worms. Key characteristics of Tussar Silk include its textured and coarse surface, natural golden sheen, and irregularities in the weave that add to its unique charm.

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