Pista Green and Violet Silk Cotton Saree - D8192

வழக்கமான விலைMRP Rs. 4,730.00 (inclusive of all taxes)

  • Made in India
  • Cash On Delivery within India
  • உலகளாவிய கப்பல் போக்குவரத்து
  • Light-Weight
  • கையிருப்பில் உள்ளது, அனுப்ப தயாராக உள்ளது
  • வழியில் சரக்கு

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Saree Highlights:

Fabric: Experience the luxurious blend of silk and cotton, offering a perfect balance of comfort and elegance.

Color: Adorn yourself in the serene combination of pista green and violet, creating a refreshing and visually appealing palette that exudes sophistication.

Design: This silk cotton saree is an epitome of simplicity, featuring a plain pista green body gracefully framed by a gold zari border that adds a touch of timeless charm to the ensemble.

Pallu: The violet pallu unfolds with golden stripes, adding a delightful contrast and a touch of opulence to the saree. Gold zari strips further enhance the richness of the pallu.

Blouse: The plain violet blouse, thoughtfully designed in pista green, is adorned with a matching gold zari border, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated ensemble.

Occasion: Ideal for various occasions, this silk cotton saree in pista green and violet, with its plain body, gold zari border, and contrasting pallu, is a celebration of refined elegance and understated charm. Make a resplendent statement draped in the comfort and opulence of this exquisite creation.

*Packed and Distributed by Jp SIlks
  • Color: Pista Green and Violet
  • Fabric: Silk Cotton

Silk Cotton, a blend of silk and cotton fibres, merges the luxurious feel of silk with the breathable comfort of cotton. This fabric is crafted by weaving these two natural fibres together, resulting in a textile that inherits the best of both worlds.

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Pista Green and Violet Silk Cotton Saree - D8192
Pista Green and Violet Silk Cotton Saree - D8192 - VIew 1
Pista Green and Violet Silk Cotton Saree - D8192 - View 3
Pista Green and Violet Silk Cotton Saree - D8192 - View 4

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